Best Real Life Lessons for Self-Defense for Kids

It is very difficult to choose the right martial arts school when you are new to the martial arts. There are many questions a new student have in mind. However, this decision must be taken carefully as it is a long term decision.

Many people think that training in martial art or enrolling kids into self-defense classes make kids violent and aggressive. There also an opinion that kids who learn self-defense bully other kids and might hurt other kids too because of their physical strength. However, this notion is totally wrong. Self-defense classes so not promote violence but vice versa the training inculcate the strict restraint on oneself. The self-defense classes are the platforms that teach children the life skills and train them to use their self-defense training in real life situations. The classes not only build the physical strength but also carve the character of the kids. There are certain life skills that self-defense classes inculcate in kids.

Self-restraint is the major life skill that self-defense training instills in the kids. The kids are trained to deal with the extreme situations but at the same time they are trained to control their anger and emotions. Physical retaliation is the last resort in self-defense. The students are taught to practice self-restraint during fighting with their training mates in a way not to harm them or hurt them in the process. The kids are mentally trained to avoid the circumstances that can endanger their well-being. This fruitful life lesson proves advantageous in the practical life as a responsible adult.

Respect is the other value that is focused in the junior self-defense training. The children enrolled in self-defense classes are required to respect their fellows and their trainers regardless of age and position. The training drills and one to one combat emphasizes on the rule of respecting others as well as one’s own self. The kids who practice self-respect prove to be responsible and contributing part of society later in their life.

Self- defense classes are the practice of being courageous even in the fearful situations. The practice drills teach the kids to be courageous in any situation. It is also the courage to stand up to the accession, to defend oneself or others when the situation calls for it. The confidence and self-assurance implanted in the kids by self-defense certified training make the kids able to set their goals believing on themselves and then striving to achieve their targets gradually and not giving up. They learn to step out of their comfort zone and beat the challenges in a courageous and confident way. This life lesson is the important feature of leading a successful life.

The self-defense training solves the major concern of the parents of how their kid will be safe when they are not around. The self-defense classes make the kids physically strong and teach them the Krav Maga techniques to counterattack if they are being attacked physically by any one. The kids are trained to deal with anyone regardless of the age and size. The special techniques are taught to the kids to use less force and target the vulnerable areas to get enough time to run. The life lesson of avoiding the particular places and situations are also taught to the kids so that they can be aware of their surroundings. This situational awareness helps throughout life ensuring safety.

Mobile1 Krav Maga provides the effective self-defense training to the kids that prepares them mentally and physically for the practical life and real life situations.