How Krav Maga is Effective in Real life

It is very difficult to choose the right martial arts school when you are new to the martial arts. There are many questions a new student have in mind. However, this decision must be taken carefully as it is a long term decision.

Many people ask the question that, “Is Krav Maga is effective in real life?” The answer is “Yes”. Actually, Krav Maga is designed for the real life situations. It is not like other martial arts and other MMA where the training is given to fight with trained professionals, whereas Krav Maga is for regular citizens that enable them to defend themselves during violent situations against untrained attackers. Other martial arts have rules and boundaries, whereas Krav Maga is designed in such a way where there is no limit to cross boundaries if your life is at stake and counter attack is unavoidable.

Krav Maga is the most effective mode of defense. Krav Maga techniques are perfect for those who want to learn self-defense. It is made to combat on the streets in real life situations that is why it is based on quick and fast strategies to get out of the trouble zone as soon as possible.

Krav Maga self-defense techniques are not limited to men, young or adults. There are no limitations of age or gender. Women, young kids and even senior citizens can learn and practice the techniques. Rather it is more advantageous for women because they are the easier targets on the streets. Likewise for the kids Krav Maga is practical option defending themselves against street violence and bullying.   Senior citizens can also protect themselves through Krav Maga training.

Krav Maga self-defense certified training is based on the holistic approach with keeping in mind the dangers present on the streets. An average person can retaliate against threats and physical attack through Krav Maga training.

The major points that are taught in Krav Maga practice are

  • Avoiding the violence and keeping away from unwanted fights.
  • If engaged in a fight then using quick and effective strikes to end the fight or neutralizing the attacker. Krav Maga training does not encourage long fights. Targeting the sensitive parts and inflicting pain to get to safety as soon as possible is the focus.
  • Krav Maga training includes fighting against multiple attackers because in real life the situation is never one to one fight. Many times criminals attack in a group or gang shape that is why Krav Maga prepares the trainees to practice techniques to get rid of certain group attacks.
  • Fighting against armed attacks are also included in Krav Maga civil training. Unarming the attacker and protecting oneself from different type of weapons is the part of Krav Maga self-defense training.
  • Taking the advantage of the surroundings and using the available things around as weapon is an effective tactics taught in Krav Maga self-defense training.

Therefore, Krav Maga is all about defending oneself in most unpredictable and stressful situation. Its training is fully based on real life situations and scenarios.  Women, men, kids and senior citizens all can practice the strategic training of Krav Maga and it will provide them with the skill set to defend themselves effectively if they are attacked in real life.