How to Deal Successfully With Violent Encounter

It is very difficult to choose the right martial arts school when you are new to the martial arts. There are many questions a new student have in mind. However, this decision must be taken carefully as it is a long term decision.

Streets are not safe anymore and it is likely that you might have to face a violent encounter in your life. It is not worth pondering that you might fall into a likely situation or not but it is relatively important that you should be prepared when you do.
The Knowledge
Having a detailed knowledge of tackling the situation when one find oneself in a moment when the other is in rage and ready to injure you physically might prove very beneficial and save you from harm. The primary thing is to know about the possible reasons of such encounters. These violent circumstances happen when someone likes to victimize you to humiliate you publicly. The personal grudges or the family feuds can be the reason. The other is to acquire your belongings. This mostly happens in burglary and robbery scenarios. Anger can also be the cause to attack people. The last one is the intention of kidnapping and raping.

Self-Defense Training
However, whatever the situation is the first step is to get prepared in advance because you do not know when you need the skills to deal with these kinds of violent people. For this purpose getting yourself trained in self-defense certified training is essential so that you can survive and avoid damage when your life is threatened. Getting the self-defense training and then keep on practicing is the thing that will assist you in defending yourself.

De-escalating Tactics
Violence is not always the response to the violence until you are brutally attacked and you do not find other option to disengage the violent situation. Talk the attacker down if he/she is angry or if there is a burglary situation then comply and part with your belongings. Your safety and life is more important. However, if there is a situation like kidnapping and rape then there is no reason to negotiate and comply.

Resorting to Safety
If you can run and call attention of other people then it is the most preferred technique to apply. However, if you find yourself in an unavoidable encounter then keep your distance from the attacker, distract and try to run to safety rather than engaging in a fight.

Weaponize Yourself
It does not mean that you have to keep a gun with you.  It means that when the encounter is inevitable then grab something from around you to use for threatening the assaulter. The stone or the brick are effective to scare the assailant. Women can keep pepper sprays with them, use their hand bag to strike and use car keys to poke into the eyes of the attacker. Even the handful of dust can be used to throw into the eyes to distract and find the window to escape.

Hit Sensitive Parts
It is sensible to not prolong the fight even when you are physically capable of self-defense. Strike the weak areas in the body like eyes, nose, under the jaw, groin and knee to induce intense pain and escape.
Therefore, mental and physical preparation can save your life in physical assault circumstances. Self-defense training in NJ through a certified self-defense instructor will equip you with all the knowledge and skill of self-defense techniques so that you feel confident and protected.