How to Defend Yourself from a Street Attack in New Jersey

It is very difficult to choose the right martial arts school when you are new to the martial arts. There are many questions a new student have in mind. However, this decision must be taken carefully as it is a long term decision.

Street crimes are getting higher day by day. Whether it is car-jacking or cell phone or money robbing the criminals not only snatch but many a times they also hurt the person. That is why it is essential to learn and practice Krav Maga self-defense techniques that are specifically designed for the defense against the street attacks. Here are some major tips to defend yourself from a street attack.

De-escalation of the Situation
The first rule of self-defense is to deescalate the situation and talk the attacker out of his intention to harm you. Often the intent is to rob you of your belongings and giving up in these situations is the right decision. If there are people around then screaming for public attention can also help you. But in these situations scream “Fire” instead of “Help” because it will draw more attention.

Defending with Strikes, Kicks and Jabs

If the attacker is adamant on the aim of hurting you then it should be your foremost goal to defend yourself by any means because you did not invited the attacker to harm you physically and you have every right to defend yourself. Here you can use all the Krav Maga self-defense techniques to inflicting pain and getting rid of the attacker as soon as possible. Kick in the groin is very painful and can freeze the assailant for several moments.

If the attacker is grabbing you from behind keep on stomping on his feet with the heels with full strength and also striking with your elbow. Keep on repeating until you can get out of the hold. If the attacker charges over you then gauging the eyes with your open finger or slapping with your open palms at the both ears at the same time will make the assailant immobilize for several minutes in which you can get away from the attacker. It is important to keep your own safety at your top most priority in these conditions and if your attacker is hurt do not stay there just leave them in whatever condition they are and after reaching the safe place call police.

Using the Objects for your Defense

The street attacks are sudden and keeping the cool in these situations can pull you out quickly from the harm’s way. Improvisation according to the situation is needed and using the objects in your hand or in your reach can be helpful in hurting the assailant and running away from the attacker. If you have a car key then it can be used as a weapon against the attacker.

Clench the key in between your fingers the sharp side out and make a fist. Punching under the chins or right in the throat will definitely immobilize the attacker and give you a window to run to safety. If there is an umbrella in your hand then it can be used as a bat and you can strike it hard under the chin and knock out the criminal. Even the hand bag and brief case can be used to protect against the street attack and hitting these hard on the head or on the chest can neutralize the attacker on his tracks. If the attacker has a knife then throwing the dust in the eyes can also provide you with a minute to run.

Getting yourself prepared for such situation on the streets of New Jersey is important to save your life. Mobile 1 Krav Maga is a leading institute in New Jersey providing self-defense certified training.