How to Fight Effectively Through Krav Maga Techniques

It is very difficult to choose the right martial arts school when you are new to the martial arts. There are many questions a new student have in mind. However, this decision must be taken carefully as it is a long term decision.

If you are looking for the self-dense and hand to hand combat training then Krav Maga training is the right sort of program for you. There is no two opinions about Krav Maga techniques to be deadliest self-defense doctrine. That is why security companies and military forces choose Krav Maga for their training program and train their personnel in Krav Maga techniques to actively put end to any aggression from the opponent. The violence incorporated in the Krav Maga techniques is used to end the fight as soon as possible by putting an end to the aggression on the other side.

Fighting Aggressively
Krav Maga teaches to stay out of trouble and avoiding fights however, if the fight and self-defense becomes inevitable then aggressive fighting is the only way out. If you are threatened physically then it is your right to play dirty. You have not asked for the attacked and as the attacker will not fight with the rules so it is your right to play as dirty as you can in response to the un-welcomed attack on your safety. Aggressive technique enables you to startle the attacker as the attackers do not expect that level of resilience by their victims. You can use the surprise element by advancing and making your move fast before your attacker make a move towards you. Do not hesitate, stop or try do fight fair. Get aggressive use power strikes, ground the attacker and then run away.

Striking Techniques
Striking techniques are the most crucial techniques of Krav Maga self-defense training. Striking from different angles can save you from the extreme injury. Using hands, head, elbows and knee strikes in different situations makes it easier to get out the hold of the assaulter faster. Like if anyone is attacked from behind then elbow strike is an effective technique to leave the assailant wreathing in pain and get out of the clutches fast. With close range attack when the attacker is in a very close range and your hands cannot used a head strike on the nose, under the chin or the side of the temple can make the assailant disoriented for some moments.

Kicks are also basic yet very effective part of Krav Maga techniques. If there is enough space between you and the attacker then kicking in the groin is an instant solution to getting rid of the attacker. Kicking the shin and knee from the side will also cripple the opponent for a considerable time in which you can run away from the whole situation.

Gouging and Biting
Gouging eyes and biting bad sound really nasty and horrendous but getting out of the clutches of a kidnapper, rapist and killer through these techniques is life-saving. When oppressed by stronger and bigger attacker even the weakest of a victim can pull these techniques if mentally prepared and trained accordingly. Gouging eyes and biting are the techniques suitable for women and individuals with less stronger physical abilities. If a woman is cornered then she can attack with her fingers with full force to escape. If the attacker is grabbing then biting on the nose, wrist and hand with all power in the body will cause excruciating pain and the attacker will get off for several moments providing a small time window to escape. These Krav Maga techniques are highly effective with constant training and practice.