How to Quickly and Easily Self-Defense against any opponent – Tips from Expert

It is very difficult to choose the right martial arts school when you are new to the martial arts. There are many questions a new student have in mind. However, this decision must be taken carefully as it is a long term decision.

The timing to defend against the oppressor and counterattack is of utmost importance. The agility and presence of mind is needed while defending yourself from any opponent. The purpose of self-defense is to effectively stay out of injury and quickly ending the fight. There are some tips straight from the top experts of self-defense that can help in ending the fight quickly.

The first tip is to assess the situation in an instant. It does not mean to freeze and let the opponent injure you. It means to stay calm and assess the nature of the attack that whether it the attacker is armed or unarmed, drunk or angry. The other thing is to assess the physical attributes of the attacker. The assessment includes the strength and size of the opponent.

Reduce the Anger
Many a times the attacker is just angry and in anger he/she becomes violent. However, if it is possible trying to deescalate the situation and reducing the anger of the person through remediation talk can save the day.

Act Promptly
If the opponent has rushed towards you for an attack then save yourself from the punch or the kick instantly by moving to the other side. After dodging the blow immediately push the opponent to the other side while he/she is still in the action with the slanted body. The powerful jolt can off balance the attacker and results in pushing him/her away from you. The presence of mind and prompt action is the key factor to successfully defend yourself.

Fight with Your Might
When there is no way out of engaging in a fight to disable your assaulter and to defend yourself in a combat then it is your right to fight with all your strength to save yourself from the injury and damage. That is why Krav Maga is a popular form of martial arts because it trains into all the effective techniques of self-defense.

Krav Maga trainer instructs and trains about all the techniques that can incapacitate the attacker quickly and you can run to safety. But the rule is to counter attack with forceful hits and kicks on the vulnerable areas of the body of the assaulter. The point where the most pain can be inflicted are:

Nose: Punch the nose with full might to disorient the attacker
Eyes: Target the eyes with your nails and finger or punch hard
Side of the Neck: Send a powerful blow to the side of the neck to let the attacker find his breath back
Solar Plexus: Kick right above the stomach so that the opponent has to catch his/her breath.
Groin: Kick hard on the groin to with all your force

 Make Anything Your Weapon
In the struggle to make yourself free from the clutches of your attacker utilize whatever thing you have to counter attack. Do not hesitate to injure your assaulter if it is the only option possible to save yourself. Women are mostly advised by the self defense trainer to use the car keys as a weapon to hurt the eyes or the ears of their attacker. Likewise, purse or hand bag can also be used to hit on the face. The other items around that can be easily accessible like dirt, brick or wooden plank can be used to hit the attacker. There is no morality and limit in hurting your assaulter in self-defense.

These are the tips that can be used in self-defense However, this should be kept in mind that these techniques only work when you have enough training and practice to execute these tactics in self-defense. The proper training and practice through a certified self-defense instructor prove to be integral in self-defending circumstances and saving your life.