How to Train Children to Say No to Bullying Through Krav Maga

It is very difficult to choose the right martial arts school when you are new to the martial arts. There are many questions a new student have in mind. However, this decision must be taken carefully as it is a long term decision.

Bullying is very common among children. The older and bigger children target the smaller and weaker ones and tease them in every way possible. This situation cannot be handled by parents in a direct way because children becomes the victims of bullying when the parents are not around and there is no adult supervision. These happens during school breaks, school bus and in playgrounds. That is why it is important for the parents to generate awareness in kids about dealing with the bullying by themselves. Krav Maga training for children emphasis on such awareness in a methodical way along with providing them physical strength to deal with critical situations.

Sense of Self-Protection

The sense of self-protection and safety from bullying and being targeted should be infused in the children from the very early age. The bullying does not start in the kindergarten age. It starts from the primary grade. The children are exposed to many kids coming from the different backgrounds and sometimes different cultures. It is essential to instill in the children from that age on to respect others individuality and also protect their own self-esteem.


The parent’s help also gives the basic confidence to the children to stand for themselves. The confidence building starts at home when the parents become open minded and let the children speak and express themselves. Mostly, children do not report bullying to their parents and teachers because of the fear that they will not believe them and help them. If the parents do not listen to their children and neglect what they are trying to convey then it can be very harmful for the children. Give the children confidence to tell the adults about the hostile situation they are facing or witnessed others to be in it.

Self-Defense Classes

Enrolling children in self-defense certified training course is the best way to teach and train them about self-defense and bullying. The Krav Maga training classes for children include basic training of awareness of the surrounding that is vital to the self-defense. But training the child in the physical skills is equally important because every situation cannot be dealt with verbal skill and talking the way out. For the situations where the child is forced to use the physical force to self-protect, Krav Maga training is the best way out. Making the children physical strong also provide parents with the peace of mind that their child has the ample strength and training to counter the threats in the open world that is beyond their supervision.

Krav Maga certified course is the best investment for your child’s as these physical strength training and self-defense techniques will help them through-out life in real life situations. Especially for girls, who mostly have to face bullying because of the physical weakness in the childhood and then sexual harassment and assault in a grown-up age. Krav Maga self-defense training through a Krav Maga certified instructor not only helps in discouraging bullying but also ensures that your child is well trained to deal with the dangerous situations.