Knife Defense: Questions

It is very difficult to choose the right martial arts school when you are new to the martial arts. There are many questions a new student have in mind. However, this decision must be taken carefully as it is a long term decision.

Knife attack is a deadliest move on the part of the attacker. Your life is in fatal danger when you confront a robbery or an assaulter holding a knife to hurt you. In this situation not only presence of mind is of crucial importance but also the decision making and physical ability to defuse the threat and defend yourself without any physical harm.

Can I really defend against knife attack?
Knife attacks usually involve criminals and the person who is able to threaten you with a knife is totally able to injure you with it. Therefore active defense is needed but defense does not mean that fighting and engaging physically is the right path to choose when the knife or sharp objects are involved. Running is the best move in this scenario. You might have Krav Maga strategies training and have the ability to fight but the if there is a weapon like baton, knife or dagger the smartest move is to run immediately and reach the safety. Though underestimated and underrated but running is most of the time life-saving move. Following are the answers to most asked questions about defense against knife.

What is an effective way to defend against knife?
If you are not in the position to run and escape from a knife attack, the next thing to engage and defend. Keeping and increasing the distance between the assailant and yourself will provide you with space to move ad keep away from the sudden move of the opponent. The distance can also help you escape. The most effective technique is to control the arms of the attacker and hit the same time to disorient the attacker.

You can also use Krav Maga techniques to disarm the attacker if you have Krav Maga self-defense training.

Is disarming the attacker difficult?
Disarming someone of a knife is a difficult and tactical move because any minor misjudgment and wrong movement can result in having a cut on your body and sometimes it can prove fatal. But self-defense training through Krav Maga certified instructor and mastering the disarming moves can help you successfully defend yourself against knife attacks in a robbery or a surprise attack.

Can I defend a knife attack with a knife?

Knife is a dangerous weapon and defending yourself with it can end up in stabbing the attacker and also hurting yourself. Having a knife will make it difficult for you to grab the attacker. You can also being stabbed as you have to reach closer to counter attack the assailant. This kind of fight usually ends up in hurting both sides and several cuts because there is not one thrust of knife but instinctively repetitive stabbings. Though, having a stronger weapon like gun or pepper spray is more effective against knife attack.

The civilians are always advised and recommended to look for the escape route rather than engaging in a fight. The security personal with high training and practice can take control and disarm the opponent.