Krav Maga- How to Defend Yourself against Armed Attack

It is very difficult to choose the right martial arts school when you are new to the martial arts. There are many questions a new student have in mind. However, this decision must be taken carefully as it is a long term decision.

Armed robberies and assaults are becoming quite common now days. You are passing by a street or reaching your car in the parking lot and someone puts a gun on you. This is a scary situation and this kind of situation more needs the presence of mind and less of physical ability to retaliate.
Though Krav Maga is a systematic self-defense system that includes not only self-defense but also effectively neutralizing the threat. However, Krav Maga techniques are also based on the awareness of the surroundings and assessment of the danger and situation.

Decision Making
In the wake of the armed assault or attack the first thing to know about that what is the reason of the attack and why the other person is intimidated to threat you with a weapon. In this case often the intent is robbery and the sanest decision is to comply and give the attacker what he needs and save your life. Thus, decision making for what course of action is needed is of the prime importance.

If the situation can be deescalated by losing your belongings then it is better to avoid confrontation and save your life. However, if you are sure that you can handle the situation well only then you can retaliate. Like in the situations where the intention of the attacker is to kidnap you or sexual harassment the compliance can be more dangerous. But keen assessment of the situation and the conditions are required because if it does not went well you would have hurt yourself badly. Krav Maga optimally trains the minds and the body to assess the situation quickly and take action according to it.

Space in Between
The space in between the armed attacker and you is of the crucial importance. If it is possible for you to keep your distance from the attacker then it is advisable to increase the space in between so you cannot be hurt. However, distance can only be advantageous for you if your assailant has a knife or any sharp object. In the situations where the gun is involved you cannot use space to your advantage. You can avoid the attack by keeping your distance if you are attacked by a knife but avoiding the gun shot from a distance have a weak chance. Through Krav Maga self-defense certified training, you can become trained to react appropriately according to the circumstances.

Defense against Gun

Defending yourself against a gun is a very tactical. There are two things involved in this situation. One is getting yourself out of the line of shooting and the other is to disarm the assailant. It can be accomplished by clenching the wrist of the attackers hand in which he is holding the weapon and keeping the muzzle away from your direction and if there is someone with you keeping them away from the line of the fire as well. Then the next step is to release the weapon from the attacker. On this point use Krav Maga techniques by using punches, strikes, kicks and even gouging the eyes of the opponent.

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