Mobile 1 Krav Maga Survive the Streets

It is very difficult to choose the right martial arts school when you are new to the martial arts. There are many questions a new student have in mind. However, this decision must be taken carefully as it is a long term decision.

Mobile 1 Krav Maga is a firm platform to train people in Krav Maga so that they can survive the streets and effectively defend themselves during dangerous situations.
For the purpose of building the strength and confidence of people who cannot attend the training sessions physically, Mobile 1 Krav Maga has started a video series called, Surviving the Streets. These videos are about the basic techniques that can be used to avoid and counteract different types of assaults.

This step has been initiated by Mobile 1 Krav Maga certified trainer to educate women, men and youth about the ways with which they can prevent physical attacks.
The 13 videos made by the certified trainer of Krav Maga explain in detail how to retaliate in different situations. Most of the time, robbers and/or are equipped with weapons like guns, knives or batons. The techniques to save yourself from each weapon are different. This is important to keep in mind that grabbing a pistol or gun is totally different from defending yourself from a sharp knife. Krav Maga videos demonstrate how to counteract the situation which involve different weapons.

You can find separate videos by Krav Maga certified trainer for defending yourself from each weapon. The technique to grab the weapon and hit the focal points and turning the situation to your advantage is shown through live action demonstrations. Hitting the areas to freeze and stun the attackers in different situations is very important because this provides the window to escape before the opponent can recover from the retaliation.

The angles from which the attack takes place are essential to notice. Each angle of the attack demands a separate technique of defense. Mobile 1 Krav Maga Survive on Streets defense training videos effectively give a practical explanation of averting attacks from behind, side and in front.

The defensive techniques in hand to hand combat are also included in which Krav Maga certified trainer physically exhibits the way to stop the person who is much bigger in size and strength. If the situation escalates and calls for the hand to hand combat the trainer has included the step by step video of physical skills and methods to hit the sensitive areas that can cause maximum pain to provide the time to escape from the scene.

The grappling techniques to neutralize the attack are also included in the videos. The women are mostly targeted on the streets and sexual assaults are common. Therefore, special defensive action videos are added to educate women how to break free if someone grabs from behind or tries to strangle during the attack. Keeping consciousness during sexual assaults and kidnapping situations is essential, as it allows you assess the environment and opportunities of escape. Mobile 1 Krav Maga videos focuses on women defense techniques and explains effectively each and every step to retaliate.

All the videos display the detailed and comprehensive knowledge of the technique in practice. The trainer explains the tactics in practice before showing practical version of the technique. The complete verbal explanation is added in slow demonstrations of counter attacks so that the viewer can understand and copy the technique accurately to practice at home.

Practicing the moves regularly develops the muscle memory and improves the reflexes. These trained reflexes come into use when the same act of attack is initiated and the trained body swiftly retaliates in the situation. The defense mechanism responds automatically in these circumstances if Krav Maga training has been taken and practiced beforehand.

Krav Maga techniques proved to be very advantageous in defense techniques, which is why these techniques are learned and practiced by women, men, children and mature citizens alike. The diversity of Krav Maga techniques and application make Krav Maga tactics more popular among the people who are looking to build strong muscles and train themselves in self-defense techniques.
Mobile 1 Krav Maga provides the best training sessions of Krav Maga for the people of all the ages by Krav Maga specialist.