Safety Tips for Women to Survive the Streets

It is very difficult to choose the right martial arts school when you are new to the martial arts. There are many questions a new student have in mind. However, this decision must be taken carefully as it is a long term decision.

Streets are not a safe for men even and much less for women. Following are some tips for women to survive the streets and not to be a potential target of the assaulter.

Do Not Walk Alone
The first and foremost tip is to never walk alone during the night. If you are coming from a late night party or bar ask your friend or the people you know to accompany you during the night. Having a companion makes you less acquirable target and the attackers stay away if they see someone with company.

Be Attentive
Make it a habit to be attentive of your surroundings. Remain self- conscious when you are outside and especially at night. Do not distract yourself from your environment because of your mobile phone. If you sense someone suspicious or following you try to get into crowded place with people around. If you are not paying attention to the surroundings you might get a surprise attack.

Avoid Notorious Areas
You might get tempted to attend a late night party in an area that does not have a good repute or an area that is far off and get vacated soon but avoidance is the best self-defense. If you know that you will all alone and there is less chances of someone to drop or to be with you afterwards cancel the plan. The risks are higher.

Prepare Yourself
Getting yourself prepared for the unknown and nasty situation is the best strategy. There are various institutions to teach self-defense training however, Krav Maga training is the most effective training for full force self-defense for women. This way you will feel yourself safer and become more confident to tackle any situation through self-defense skills.

Know Your Way
Whenever, you are out walking the streets, going to a park, going to a concert or a bar, be vigilant and know where the exists are. This way if you want to flee from a situation or someone you will not be lost and can head direct to the exit. Not knowing which way to go consumes time and confuses you while the attacker might get advantage of your condition.

Do Not Walk Towards the Vehicle that Suddenly Stops
If you sense a car stopping abruptly walk away from the car. If someone asks you to come listen to him/her do not go near. And if the person in the car comes out and approach you just run and call for safety.

Radiate Confidence
Showing confidence on the streets can make you an undesirable target. Keep in mind frightened, lost and un-confident women are the potential targets of the attacker. So, follow the rule of be confident and look confident.

Keep your head up, eyes straight and do not slouch when you walk. Walk like you have to be somewhere. Do not seem to be unaware of your surroundings and lost on the streets even when you are lost. Pay attention to the people crossing you giving the impression you are noticing the people around. Practice these tips and survive the streets.