Self-Defense for Women | 4 New Krav Maga Moves

It is very difficult to choose the right martial arts school when you are new to the martial arts. There are many questions a new student have in mind. However, this decision must be taken carefully as it is a long term decision.

Street crimes are increasing day by day and most of the time women fell victim to these crimes because they are no match to the men who assault them. Whether it is robbery, snatching or sexual harassment and assault, women can feel helpless against the men committing the crime. Now is the time that women should acquire the confidence through gaining physical strength and self-defense techniques to protect themselves from immanent danger on the streets.
When it comes to self-defense techniques, Krav Maga training is the answer to these problems that women experience. Krav Maga combines the latest and effective self-defense techniques that can be extremely beneficial for women to gain physical superiority over the assailants, if any mishap occurs.
Krav Maga training is harmless, but it contains all the strategic moves that can help in acquiring a physical advantage over a strong opponent. Through Krav Maga training by a Krav Maga certified trainer, women can get enough training to avoid and get away from any assault. Krav Maga training is not about initiating a fight, but about having enough strength to stop an attack and run.
The Krav Maga training is all about regular training, through Krav Maga training sessions, to create a muscle memory that knows how to retaliate when the time calls for it. Though there are many moves that can take a lot of time and training to learn, there are four basic moves that can be learned quickly and primarily to effectively use during self-defense.

1-Kicking the Groin
A hard and well calculated kick to the groin can instantly freeze the opponent and cause excruciating pain. Learning to effectively kick a person in the groin is effective when it comes to self-defense. Women can easily use the toe of their shoes or knees to exert the blow, but learning to calculate the right distance to employ a hard kick is important. Krav Maga training comprehensively encompasses the full technique to utilize this move in a real-life situation.

2-Using Arm to Counter Strike
Another effective Krav-Maga technique is to use your arm in case of strike or attack from the front. If the attacker tries to punch, slap or strike with something raise the forearm with elbow slightly bent to stop the strike. This move will save your face and head from being hurt, in which case can cause serious injury or unconsciousness. Your forearm can take the blow and you can use your other fist to punch the weak areas of the opponent like the nose, eyes or throat.

3- Preventing an Attack from Back
If the attacker grabs from the back, then going directly to a squat position by widening the legs, can loosen the grip immediately. Free your arm in the squat position, go sideways and try to punch in the groin, free yourself and then run. Retaliating by standing straight and trying to break free is totally useless, but this Krav Maga technique is a real-life saver.

4-Open Palm Strike
Open palm strike is very useful Krav Maga technique when it comes to self-defense. The strike of the heel of the open palm is as painful as a punch. Straighten your wrist and strike with an open palm on the soft spots like the nose, eyes, under the jaw and behind the ears. Hit on the part where you can have easy access. A blow to the eyes and on the ears can be very disorienting for the attacker and this is the window when you can break free and run away to protect yourself.
It is necessary for every woman to train themselves to counter any kind of situation. Self-protection is the right of every woman and through regular Krav Maga training by self-defense certified instructor women can feel more confident and safer on the streets and inside their homes.