Why Movement is an important tactics in Self Defense

It is very difficult to choose the right martial arts school when you are new to the martial arts. There are many questions a new student have in mind. However, this decision must be taken carefully as it is a long term decision.

Movement in hand to hand combat is essential. Through movement you run towards safety, you keep yourself away from the attacker and also use it to counter attack the assaulter. However, the movement in these situation should be effective. The ineffective moves can lead you right into more danger. Like if you strike the attacker but your strike is weak then it can make the assaulter angrier and you can be in more trouble than before.

Presence of mind is of crucial importance in moving to counterattack your attacker in self-defense. It is natural to freeze in if someone suddenly attacks you.  Here comes the Krav Maga self-defense training that trains you not only physically but also mentally to take a rapid action without freezing out in the wake of attack.
The real life scenario is not like a controlled environment and you do not have the luxury to assess your assaulter. The time is not on your side and quick decision, assessment of the situation and rapid action is required.

However, the movement should be calculated. Moving forward is not the ideal movement in many cases. You have to assess and improvise according to the situation many a time retrieving and gaining the space in between is an effectual strategy. In armed attacks where the attacker has a knife or baton increasing the distance is essential. Even engaging the attacker in conversation and retrieving your steps and then fleeing in the best strategy.

In the conditions when the attacker is armed with a long range weapon like a gun, running with your back towards the attacker or charging forward is just the most dangerous move. If confronted with a gun make sideways movement can keep you out of the range of the gun. Moving and striking from different angles can confuse the attacker as he is not prepared for the resistance and have not prepared for this kind of situation. So, movement can be used to your advantage.

The movement of the aggressor can also be used against them. When in anger the attacker charges forward and does not anticipate the strike from you, you can easily get to the side and strike the temple or the knee from the sideways. This sudden and unexpected blow will keep the attacker off balance and immobilize him for several moments, providing you with the time window to escape.

Lastly, not doing anything, freezing out or just resisting ineffectually through your hand and legs cannot save you from getting hurt. Move and move with a purpose and prepare yourself for the situations when you have to use your body’s strength and mental agility to save your life.

Krav Maga self-defense training comprises of all the knowledge and practice of reacting and counterattacking in self-defense. Krav Maga certificate will enable you to train and practice strategic Krav Maga self-defense moves through which you can efficiently deal with any attack.