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“The will to go home must be greater than the will to quit.”

I always told my friends and family that one day I would study some kind of martial arts or self-defense system. I told them I wanted to take up boxing, or maybe train at one of the many MMA gyms that are popping up all over the place. It was always so easy for me to say, but my words were empty. The truth is, I never took any action to begin the process. For a long time, I lacked direction and confidence, and I was ruled by self-doubt.

Then I entered one of the darker periods of my life. I suddenly experienced some significant loss. I was grappling with the growing stresses of life—failing relationships, depression, financial hardship, difficulties at home and the workplace, and some negative health news regarding a dear family member. They say when it rains it pours, and I felt like I was drenched to the bone.

One day I was driving around aimlessly. Around this time, driving was one of the only coping mechanisms I had at my disposal to clear my head and take my mind off things. That’s when I saw a sign: Mobile 1 Krav Maga Martial Arts. Something about it stuck out in my head. Since my actions have been historically frozen from self-doubt, it would be very typical of me to not do anything but pass on by this sign. But instead, this time, something clicked.

I went on my phone and started researching the rich history of Krav Maga—a martial arts system developed for the Israeli Defense Force. I learned that Krav Maga is a hybrid system involving several different disciplines including boxing, wresting, karate, and more. I learned that Krav Maga is very different from other martial arts systems in that it trains people to handle real-world, worst-case scenarios fiercely and skillfully.

Then I searched a bit deeper and saw all the five-star reviews for the Mobile 1 Krav Maga school from students of all ages and backgrounds, men and women alike. When I learned they offered a free trial class, I decided to give them a call. That day I spoke with Master Denis and Ms. Karol for the first time. They were both extremely kind, positive, and full of helpful information. I knew I had to come in and see what this was all about. Plus, with the free trail class, what did I have to lose?

Some background for context: Master Denis Watson is a passionate, highly skilled, expert-level martial arts instructor. He’s not only a certified US ambassador of the Krav Maga Federation, but a level-five black belt trained by Master Alain Cohen, cofounder of the official Krav Maga program of the Wingate Institution. He’s also a recognized black belt in Taekwondo—certified through Kukkiwon, the World Taekwondo Headquarters.

From the very first day I showed up to class (as unsure of myself as ever) Master Denis took me under his wing. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, but Master Denis was calm and confident, as well as extremely patient and supportive. He took his time to show me the basics in a way that made me feel comfortable and respected. As that first class progressed, I was surprised when I began to feel more confident in myself and my abilities. For the first time in a long time, I felt at home somewhere.

The classes I’ve attended at Mobile 1 Krav Maga have absolutely brought out the best in me. Though we always have fun learning, each class pushes me and the other students to our absolute limits both mentally and physically. Training in Krav Maga involves putting extreme levels of effort and aggression into every movement. Master Denis reminds us in each class that the will to go home must be greater than the will to quit. This means our mentality is laser-focused on making it back home should we become involved in a real-world conflict or worst-case scenario.

Krav Maga students quickly learn that self-defense takes just as much (if not more) mental strength as physical strength. Each class grows in intensity, building our physical fitness and carefully crafting our mental sharpness so we feel prepared for anything that arises. We learn to fight and defend ourselves efficiently, neutralizing threats by any means. We use anything and everything at our disposal to make it back home safely. After only a few classes, I began to see huge gains in my balance, flexibility, reflexes, coordination, and even my self-confidence.

Master Denis has years of deep experience training men and women, teenagers, and children—known at Mobile1 as their Warriors, Troopers, and Little Warriors. We each gain the confidence necessary to react quickly and calmly to neutralize those who choose to jeopardize our safety and the safety of our loved ones. Our muscles are toned, and we grow our mental endurance through situational training drills that replicate real street fights and even weapons attacks. Plus, this “always going home” mindset can be applied in ways that facilitate both personal and professional success.

Mobile 1 Krav Maga teaches its students that the best way to fight is to de-escalate situations to avoid a fight from occurring in the first place. However, sometimes de-escalation simply isn’t an option out on the streets, in which case we are trained to defend ourselves and survive that conflict so we can go home. Our lessons teach us to be acutely aware of our surroundings, while training for both physical and mental conflict makes us less vulnerable to predatory behavior from those who wish to take from us or do us harm.

Training at Mobile1 has given me a rock-solid foundation as it teaches me more about integrity, respect, and self-discipline. Now, instead of driving around aimlessly, my Krav Maga training fosters my health and self-esteem. It’s a supreme form of exercise and stress relief. By the time class is finished, I am totally drenched with sweat—instead of that cold rain I felt only a few months earlier.

Simply put, training with Master Denis at Mobile 1 Krav Maga has transformed my life. And this is something I want for anyone who may be experiencing any of those same dark and negative feelings I had prior to beginning my training. I want you to know that you don’t need any experience to start, you just need to show up for yourself. And I want you to know that you’re much stronger than you think. No matter what, you’re worthy and deserving of the respect of others as well as yourself.

I would like nothing more than to see you (yes, you!) at our next class. Please take advantage of your free Krav Maga or Taekwondo trial class by filling out the simple form online at https://mobile1kravmaga.com. The school can also be reached by email at info.dwatsonkravmaga@gmail.com or by phone at (609) 491-7208. Or, if you’re still unsure, feel free to drop in and visit us at 1509 NJ-38, Unit 3 in Hainesport, NJ so you can see the transformation for yourself.

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